The prizes for uncooperative ISPs

  • A major ISP in the UK appears to provide an open-relay facility for who provide services to West Africans. They feed emails from known West African sources through the same IP numbers as their UK domestic customers, with the result that their IP numbers are blocked by SPEWS, and other DNSBL services. This means that emails from UK users of this ISP are blocked by DNS black-list systems and their emails are not received by the intended recipients.

    Some ISPs are wonderful and some Internet Service providers are not

  • A snapshot of West African sources of scams is below. We can provide real-time feeds of current West African scam activity to subscribers.
    and IP numbers:

    These are just a partial list. We can supply real-time statistics for ISPs wanting to protect themselves from abuse of their systems. We recommend that ISPs do not supply free email facilities to these and other IP numbers and that spam filtering services discriminate against these ISPs and IP numbers and others which can be supplied as a full list with statistics.

  • The majority of general spam comes from This statement is substantiated if you look up the IP numbers which we are currently predictively blocking and temporarily blacklisting. Many of these are zombie machines which have been overtaken by viruses and are sources of viral spam. Better ISPs block viral attachments through their systems.

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