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If you have an email address exposed on a webpage, if the webpage is a good one and found on the search engines, you will receive spam.
  • We are increasingly providing antispam protection for the tourist industry, hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation and self catering apartments and villa rentals.
  • We can customise our filters to other industries and markets.
  • Because we see a lot of spam, scams and phishing, we try to protect our clients from
    • scams - we have special systems in place to block scams and can supply data-streams to ISPs to help them prevent abuse of their systems;
    • phishing - many anti-spam systems have difficulties stopping phishing emails but has particular success in blocking phishing;
    • we alert our clients to potential new dangers as they arise. We alerted a hotel client to a scam booking and saved them losing money on a 1000 booking.
    • Many ISPs are losing customer's emails - we can provide ultra-whitelisted boxes guaranteed to receive all mail.

SUMMARY (the links on the right give more detailed information)

Charges and services

We charge just 70 or 110Eu or $130 per year to filter single addresses or can supply our filters and regular maintenance service for use on corporate servers for 5000 per year, or provide consultancy expertise to apply our experience to your systems.

Does your company spend 10 per day on employees' time checking spam and adjusting filters? For 3000 per year we provide a spam filtering advisory service and your IT department can subscribe to our SpamInsights service giving news of the latest spamming events and techniques observed and guidance for formulating or updating filters.

Spam filter advisory service

Since January 2005 Our SpamInsights subscribers have found news of our "PASSIONFRUIT" sets of filters to be the single most useful defence in fighting spam. We base our filtering algorithms on daily examination of over 300 spam-traps. We produce an extended filter set for SpamAssassin that can also be applied to other rule based systems. In the case of criminal activities we can often predict target email groups as well as the sources from which criminal emails will be received.

Catching criminals

We can also advise banks, law enforcement agencies and the police on the source and nature of SCAM EMAILS such as false tsunami appeals, false Canadian and Dutch lotteries, 419 scams, false Bank details phishing scams, Ebay phishing identity theft scams, over-payment scams associated with money laundering rings and outright criminal activity on the internet. Each style of spamming has its own signature and it is apparent that much of the criminal spams link up into larger rings.

Advising ISPs

We supply a continuous data feed from our spam traps to major ISPs affected by particular areas of abuse so that offending users can be stopped instantly. We also supply Spamcop.Net who provide a widely used DNS blocking service. ISPs who are known to use our services need not get blocked by DNS blacklists. International satellite providers could usefully benefit from our data as could,,,,,,,,,,,,, and who are current targets of abuse. Some ISPs such as are applying spam filtering on outgoing mail to stop abuse, but they would do with extra filters that we can supply.

As major ISPs use our data and force spammers away, the less vigilent ISPs will be targeted: we have the data to help to keep ISPs' reputations clean . . .

We are picking up people having troubles with "wanadoo emails not received". Clearly could do with our advice particularly in view of our success in spam filtering in the French language for discerning Wanadoo clients who use our services. Similarly clients of Tiscali are having problems as spam blacklists are now generally blocking emails coming from Tiscali IP numbers on account of spams and viral DOS attacks on other servers. So if you are a Tiscali user, your emails might not be being received at the other end. If you are emailing a Tiscali address, insert your phone number for them to reply!

Special accuracy

Many of our SpamAssassin diagnoses are given on our example spam email pages where you will see how they pick up emails which pass through normal configurations. We do not use automatic Heuristic filtering. Our content filtering configurations result from 5 years of development applying principles derived from nuclear physics.

Some spam filters go out of their way to block 100% of all mails from people who have not written to you before. . .

  • Such spam filters are advertised as "a challenge/response email program, where unsolicited senders are sent a challenge message. The sender must then visit a link, provided in the email message, to approve the message. Once that occurs, the message arrives in the inbox."
Well that sounds a real pain-in-the-neck doesn't it? Isn't that approach just the best way of welcoming new customers to your services? Clearly such systems are not appropriate to emails sent from webpages.

Other more transparent spam filters commonly block between 1% and 10% of wanted emails. DON'T ACCEPT ordinary flawed filters, even Bayesian heuristics - because they don't work . . . CHOOSE! How we filter spam explains.

Why choose to filter your junk emails?
Simply - we aim for you not to lose your business!

"HANDS UP WHO ISN'T HERE!" - That's how most ISPs operate their spam systems where no-one monitors the spam bin and forwards lost emails. The result? "I don't get spam any more - isn't it wonderful" and you don't know what wanted emails you have lost . . . and you lose business. You don't know what business you have lost because you have not received the emails.


The deterrent effect

Just mentioning services on your webpage acts as a deterrent for spammers to target.

It is wise for spammers not to spam you as the more they spam your protected address, the more they tell us about themselves and their methods which we broadcast to our SpamInsights subscribers and apply to our filters.

Subscribe - Many people arrive at our site as a result of spams or scams wasting their time - don't allow your time to be wasted any more!