Sites caught by sending spam offers to competitors' sites

Some websites send spam emails to the clients of other sites offering cheap offers and do not see why they should be listed here. They think that they have every right in the commercial world to harvest clients from sites who they regard as their competitors. The fact is that if sites offer cheap offers to clients of other sites and are successful in luring any particular client, the information given to them will be spam. Such sites in this way duplicate the content of other sites. As far as the internet surfer is concerned finding the same things over and over again, duplicated information is spam. The sites below sent spam about their services and consider that they have a perfect right to do so, as well as considering other sites as a ripe harvest-ground.

We are supplied with numerous effective spamtraps with email addresses which arise from the process of monitoring of property rentals and other webpage emails for the purpose of assessing commission due to be paid by clients. The website states: email facilities

All spammers contacting email addresses have sent spam contrary to the EC Directive. Misusing the email addresses by competing sites soliciting business from the client with offers of cheap, low or no-cost services, if taken up by the client, lays waste the webmaster's commission based work and robs the provider of the marketing service of the benefit of his work. Webmasters using the monitored email service regard competing sites which send solicitations for business to clients contrary to the EC Regulations as pirates and robbers because they are robbing the webmaster of the benefit of the work done.

If clients of your site have been targeted by other sites from whom to solicit business, please let us know. targeted clients of on 9th November with over 160 spam emails soliciting business. They used a technique calculated to crash servers akin to a DOS attack. The emails were sent from Cyprus from ( []). We wrote to the sender drawing his attention to this page. The response was another 145 spam emails sent on 11th November 2005:
Subject:   {Bad Spam?} World Wide Holiday Rentals
From:   "Bill"
Date:   Fri, November 11, 2005 6:21
To:   "temp"

Hi Looking for somerwere to advertise your Holiday Villa for rent. Dismayed by the
high cost of advertising and updates on the sites available. No leads generated form
your current adds.
Well now you have the chance to try our new service. I had the same problems as
yourself, paying high fees, with very little leads generated. Because of this I
decided to start my own site for owners world wide to advertise on. I decided to
produce the site for the owners, NO pages full of adverts, No difficulty in
navigation, Ease of use Owner interface. In fact everything to make advertising as
simple as possible. For the people looking to rent, things could not be easier. They
can search using a muli criteria form, or just follow the simple maps to find an
area they are interested in. Once they find what they are interested in, they can
then send an enquiry email to the owner, or phone them direct, or choose to send a
text message through our servers, totally free of charge.
It is TOTALLY FREE  to place your advert on the site, with up to 20 photo's and SMS
text alert service.


If we find that you have sent spam soliciting business from clients of other sites you will be sent an email in the nature of the following - PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS EMAIL AS IT REQUIRES YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION:

Dear Sirs

This is the second day that we have picked up an email from you / We have found that you have sent numerous emails
soliciting business from the clients of other internet sites and sent contrary to the terms of use stated clearly at the bottom of webpages. /

Please would you see the terms of use of email addresses on

Please would you consider the information on . Unless we hear from you within the next two working business days your email will be quoted on that page. If you have difficulty with that please let us know. If we hear from you that you are ceasing the practice of soliciting business from the clients of competitors' sites we will either not put your email on the page or will remove it.

If you believe that you have every right to consider all published email addresses as "fair game" to email to increase your business in a spirit of competition we will record your email on another page which deals with a determination to disregard of the EC directive. The excuse of the offer of removal does not impart compliance with the directive.

If you agree to comply with the EC directive and accepted professional codes of practice we can offer to you a listing with our directory of sites who work to professional standards.

Of course we should point out to you that the effect of spam is not good for your site in any event: no good or effective site should have the need to spam, nor in particular to solicit business from the clients of others.

Yours faithfully,

A site owner formerly named sent the following email. We are very happy to work cooperatively with such website owners.
Dear AnteSpam!

Recently, it came to my attention that (Site) is listed on your website.

To say the least I was caught by surprise since spam most certainly is not company policy! But nevertheless I find the good name of (Site) displayed on

After a thorough internal investigation I came to realize that the mail displayed actually was sent by an employee of (Site) working on commission. Needless to say this employee has been strongly reprimanded!

I wish I could claim that this whole business had nothing to do with my company but unfortunately it has... And that is certainly not something that I'm proud having to admit. But at least I can conclude that it was solely the work of one employee working with means that is not never has and never will be accepted by (Site) !

I have taken all precautions to insure that this will never happen again by making all remaining employees in (Site) familiar with this incident and its consequences! And you have my personal guarantee that should this ever happen again the person responsibly will be fired immediately!

In the light of this information, I hope that I can persuade you to remove (Site) from your website! If you need any further information I would be more than happy to give them to you!

Yours sincerely

(Name) Founder and sole owner of (Site)


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